8 May 2019

ALLEA Generalversammlung | Business Meeting, 12:00 — 18:30 Uhr
At the closed business meeting, ALLEA governance and policy matters are on the agenda and discussed by ALLEA Member Academies delegates.

ALLEA 25th Anniversary | Madame de Staël Prize Award Ceremony
ALLEA will celebrate its 25th anniversary in the opening of the conference with a special address on the role of academies in European societies. On this occasion, the 2019 All European Academies Madame de Staël Prize for Cultural Values will be awarded to an eminent scholar or intellectual whose work represents a significant contribution to the cultural values of Europe. The commemorative event will be followed by a festive reception.

9 May 2019

ALLEA Symposium | Science and Society in Present-Day Europe
Does European science blossom, while European societies ache? What role can European academies play to provide a bridge between the production and diffusion of knowledge to and with Society? This one-day symposium will bring together academia, policy-makers and social actors to discuss academies’ contributions to anchor the underlying values of the Enlightenment upon which scientific progress is based.

10 May 2019

Cultural Programme | Day trip to Basel's scientific facilities
The Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences invites participants of the ALLEA General Assembly to a day trip to Basel’s scientific facilities.

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